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Our workshops focus on uncovering ways in which you may be self-sabotaging your career and graduate school admission success. More importantly, we teach you the strategies to identify your market worth, understand the threats of Industry 4.0 to your career, audit your skills, and how to pursue an actionable plan to enable thriving. Workshops will be held virtually one weekend each month. Spaces fill quickly; contact us to inquire about reserving your spot now.

Upcoming Bootcamp

Vision Board Bootcamp with Dr. Addy
(Dec. 18th – 19th, 2021)

The session line-up is pure FIRE and jam-packed with actionable career, health, real-estate, financial freedom, branding lessons and more. This is a yearly bootcamp that led many to their goals this year. Be ready for lots of resources and tell-all Q&A sessions with Dr. Addy and our guest experts!

Here’s the Vision Board agenda at a glance:

* Career development plan to take you from career competitiveness to career advancement.

* Internal and external professional branding to take your career and business to the next level.

* Prioritizing your health: the need to know on women’s health, cancers and more.

* Getting started and scaling up your USA and Canada Real Estate Investments.

* Financial freedom: budgeting, retirement planning, credit building, health and life insurance.

* Investing in the stock market

* Graduate Application Help Cafe to help you understand the lucrative careers for your fields, share tips for a winning SOP, CV, Research Proposal, Cold emails to professors and more.

It promises to be a life-changing experience

Upcoming workshop

Career Competitiveness Bootcamp with Dr. Addy (July 31st, 2021)

Are you tired of being sick and tired and want to use tech to level up? Have you heard of Industry 4.0 and want to know how you can leverage it to climb the ladder fast? Let me be your coach and let this workshop be the turning point for clarity and winning. 

– Are you a professional who is in dire need of better-paying opportunities or looking to add tech to your career without having to start all over?

– Are you an undergraduate, graduate student, new immigrant or an intending immigrant wondering how to position for your first job?

– Are you a professional who thinks it’s time for a career change and wants to leverage all you have built to date?

In this career competitiveness workshop, Dr. Addy  will be sharing with you about how to 

– Adding Tech to your career (starting from where your career is at right now)

– Building your SKILL MAP and SKILL PORTFOLIO – the ultimate tool for career competitiveness

– How to position to stand out when applying for a job

– How to position to stand out among your peers (category 1: 0-5 years work experience, category 2: 5-15 years work experience)