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opportunities tied to Industry Leverage career advancement At D-Tech Centrix Inc, we believe in putting our clients first and considering their needs. Our approach is individualized and tailored to your own career  journey. Learn More

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D-Tech Centrix Inc. (USA & Canada) is a career and education consulting company on a mission to help professionals leverage digital transformation for career competitiveness and help students compete successfully for graduate admission and scholarships. Birthed from a place of welfarism and deep concern for Individual and collective progress, we have been a part of countless success stories from beneficiaries who used our expertise for their chosen paths.

The best time to evaluate your portfolio for an opportunity to re-train, reposition or transition to new and highly competitive career paths is now.

Graduate School Application Help
Majority of the graduate school applications submitted are repetitive, utterly cliché and do not have the necessary qualities that the admission committee looks out for every year.
Career Competitiveness & Optimization:
For new grads or those seeking a competitive employment, we help you become competitive for the jobs you deserve.
Relocation - Credential Evaluation & Migration Pathway Determination
There are many different options available for you to relocate to North America (US & Canada).

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