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Who we are

D-Tech Centrix Inc. (USA & Canada) is a career and education consulting company on a mission to help professionals leverage digital transformation for career competitiveness and help students compete successfully for graduate admission and scholarships. Birthed from a place of welfarism and deep concern for Individual and collective progress, we have been a part of countless success stories from beneficiaries who used our expertise for their chosen paths.

Core Values

At D-Tech Centrix Inc, we believe in putting our clients first and considering their needs. Our approach is individualized and tailored to your own career journey.We are committed to ensuring that we make the impossible possible by providing insights and guidance to promote Individual growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you understand how to leverage career advancement opportunities tied to Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, to also help you determine the right graduate school program to equip you for Industry 4.0 career opportunities and guide you to compete and to win scholarships for your selected graduate programs.

Founder’s Bio

Dr. Adeola (Addy) Olubamiji is an Industry-4.0-expert, she is one of the few women who have indeed harnessed the power of technology (specifically 3D-printing) to navigate and thrive in the North American job market.

She is currently the Director of Additive Manufacturing Solutions at Desktop Metal.

In June 2017, Dr. Addy received her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada and made history as the first black person to have received this PhD from the university.

She is the Founder of STEMHub Foundation, a Canadian charity organization that has provided over 10000+ visible minority youths and professionals with practical skills, free hands-on experiments, industry-4.0-focused Masterclasses and one-to-one mentoring required to increase their proficiency in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Through her Canadian consulting company, D-Tech Centrix LLC, she runs a career development mentorship program for professionals seeking career development, career transitioning, relocation, and graduate scholarships opportunities. She has impacted over 1000+ professionals and young African high achievers on their journey to the top of their careers at their desired locations. Using her over 150,000 followers platforms, she has continued to advocate and educate professionals about Career advancements for new Immigrants whose plan is to take on the North American Job Markets.

Her academic contributions have yielded several scholarly scientific publications, scientific conference presentations, and a TEDx talk. Some of the awards she has won include

2020 Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women, 2020 STEP (Science technology Engineering and Production) Award by the American Manufacturing Institute, RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant 2020, 2019 Influential Women in Manufacturing Award by Putman Media, 2019 L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth Canada Honoree, and so many others.

Dr. Addy has been able to turn her own experience and career lessons at work into the catalyst for developing her framework that she now uses to help women, immigrants and minorities get clear about who they are and find an aligned career.

What people are Saying

Olohigbe Iruobe
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Paying and Attending the 2023 Vision Board Bootcamp is the best thing that's happened to me this 2023. I have learnt so much more than the $150 I paid, I've learnt so much about career, real estate, saving money, investing, stocks, my God I wouldn't have known about this if I never paid and attended. This is real value for money. My notes are full already.
Bruce A
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My session with Dr Addy was the most determining event of my professional life so far. In one hour I had moved from a place of uncertainty and intangible choices to a crystal clear view of where my career should actually be headed towards. I was amazed. She keenly listened, gave professional and objective feedback and mapped out the different avenues through which I could get into Tech from my background. Dr Addy is a great asset and a blessing. I am eagerly looking forward to my next sessions.
Tamuno Ogaji
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My session with Dr Addy was an unbelievable one. The moment we started discussing, she immediately pointed out solutions to the many confusions I had before the session, from putting me through the process of job hunting to the many procedures required to meet and standout for the requirement of the jobs I apply for and then streamlining the right career path that suits my skills and experience. This was an amazing one and I’m really appreciative.
Urum B
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As a lawyer pivoting to the tech industry, I had so many challenges and one of them was where to start from in my journey. I consumed so much information online that I got confused at some point, but all that changed when I had my first mentorship session with Dr. Addy. I got the clarity that I’d been searching for everywhere. I had to work on my tech skill map and that helped me understand where I was coming from, where I currently am, where I want to be and what I need to do to get there. Every session with Dr. Addy was always an eye-opener. She was so relatable and carried me along in the entire process. Her one-to-one sessions were also tailor-made for me, so I got information and assistance specifically for me. Although I still have a long way to go, I’m happy to do that with the career roadmap that I now have, thanks to Dr. Addy. I’m looking forward to sharing more about my journey in the coming months.
Bimbo O
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My session with Dr Adeola was great. It was a moment of clarity for me. I am trying to transition from my current career, but I was not so sure if I was going in the right direction. The Session opened my eyes to what I needed to consider in transitioning my career and the decisions I need to make. Additionally, it helped me realize how to ensure that the years of experience that I have does not go to waste in the course of transitioning by introducing tech to what I currently do. Dr Adeola was very easy to talk to and down to earth. Name: Bukola Florence It was an amazing session all through, Dr. Addy helped me with my career roadmap everything was broken down to its simplest form, now I clearly know and understand what to do and how to go about it, and I’m now aware of the right skills I need to get to add Tech to my career. Dr. Addy is accessible, my emails are promptly attended to, and I get feedback on what needs to be corrected or adjusted. It feels good to be Accountable to someone and I’m glad I have Dr Addy as my coach I won’t have had it any other way!
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Amazing time with you Dr Addy! I even got a double package in 1, I really must agree I got more clarity on how to make progress in my career path, also considering adding tech skills to my career knowing that the present day work system is calling in more for that and to remain relevant in my career path I need to be the best in my role. During my session, I got more guidance on the graduate school Admission program with support on how to source for scholarships and the focus requirements I need to look out for in my search. She also suggested area of specialisation I could focus on that would keep me relevant in the choice countries I find for study. In conclusion, I must confess Dr Addy is easy to relate with as she came down to the level I could understand just to bring me to the point of seeing the impossible and difficult becoming possible and easy to achieve. I look forward to our next session as I make possible progress in my quest for a better life.
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My wife has been a big fan of Dr. Addy since we were in Nigeria before moving to Canada. I shared my plans for 2023 with her, two days after she told me about the Bootcamp with Dr. Addy and I subscribed. I'm more than grateful I did because the information I'm receiving would have taken me years to get. My 2023 looks clearer and I'm ready to take the year by storm. I'm definitely joining the community too. This is the way to go. Thank you Dr. Addy. Thank you D-techCentrix.

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