Relocation - Credential Evaluation & Migration Pathway Determination

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Relocation - Credential Evaluation & Migration Pathway Determination

In this program, you will

Why Relocation - Credential Evaluation & Migration Pathway Determination?

There are many different options available for you to relocate to North America (US & Canada). During this session, we will help evaluate your credentials, family size, expertise and your financial situation to help determine the relocation approach and country that will be best for you. We also work with reliable RCIC Licensed practitioners to help you get represented as needed. Our Relocation specialists have a specialist skill-set of migration knowledge that will help you to understand your travel requirements, and what travel documents are needed by you and your loved ones.

Why Chooses D-Tech Centrix?
Human-centric learning

Our mentorship model ensures that you get all the support you need. You’ll have both a mentor—a Graduate school application Help expert who gives detailed assistance and feedback on your successful  application pieces.

Flexibility with accountability

Get your Graduate school application done at a flexible pace within the 1-month program duration. Your mentor, coach or career specialist will help you stay on track and be accountable.

Successful, satisfied graduates school applicants

With 96% of our eligible alumni getting graduate school admissions most with full fundings within 31 days of application help into top unviversities in the United States and Canada—you can be confident that taking the program will get you where you want to go:Studying a course in a University you love.


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Dr. Addy started mentoring me in 2018 when I considered applying to graduate law school. She reviewed my application documents and helped me gain clarity. Dr. Adeola awakened that "you can totally do it" spirit in me . Through her guidance, I was admitted into 4 highly ranked U.S Law Schools, with 2 full scholarships and 2 others in varying amount. I eventually attended an Ivy League school with scholarship that covered my entire cost of attendance.
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I started the mentorship program in the month of August 2019. I did not know what I wanted to do then, I was an international graduate student in the U.S. After the program, my career paths was clear, as Dr. Adeola helped me realize the careers of the future. I also learned about scholarship opportunities and other graduate funding opportunities. Fast forward to November of 2020, I have 3 Scholarships and a Graduate Assistanship that pays for my tuition, in addition to paying me a monthly stipend. Also, my new career path is one that will allow for growth opportunities and job satisfaction. The most important lesson I learned from the mentorship program is that I must be intentional and willing to pay the price for greatness.
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My session with Dr Addy was the most determining event of my professional life so far. In one hour I had moved from a place of uncertainty and intangible choices to a crystal clear view of where my career should actually be headed towards. I was amazed. She keenly listened, gave professional and objective feedback and mapped out the different avenues through which I could get into Tech from my background. Dr Addy is a great asset and a blessing. I am eagerly looking forward to my next sessions.
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Dr Addy mentorship program was very helpful. I had insight into job search and searched for job like a pro. I got a new job in my career path after our first session; something I was not successful at for the past 3years. I feel so excited. I'm currently doing a skill map to see how I can position myself for a better role in tech as the coaching program has opened my eyes to a new possibility for me as a psychologist
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She is ever willing to support you and push you till you see the hidden potential in you. Very down to earth and always accessible lady despite her achievements in life. I'm glad I invested in the career optimisation program despite the fact that most of the testimonials I saw on her page were in UK, US and Canada. I am in Nigeria and all Dr Addy taught me worked for me here in Nigeria too. Thank you Ma. I encourage you to invest in a good coach like Dr. Addy.
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It was an amazing session all through, Dr Addy helped me with my career roadmap everything was broken down to its simplest form, now I clearly know and understand what to do and how to go about it, I’m now aware of the right skills I need to get to add Tech to my career. Dr Addy is accessible, my emails are promptly attended to, I get feedbacks on what needs to be corrected or adjusted. It feels good to be Accountable to someone and I’m glad I have Dr Addy as my coach I won’t have had it any other way!
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As a lawyer pivoting to the tech industry, I had so many challenges and one of them was where to start from in my journey. I consumed so much information online that I got confused at some point, but all that changed when I had my first mentorship session with Dr. Addy. I got the clarity that I’d been searching for everywhere. I had to work on my tech skill map and that helped me understand where I was coming from, where I currently am, where I want to be and what I need to do to get there. Every session with Dr. Addy was always an eye-opener. She was so relatable and carried me along in the entire process. Her one-to-one sessions were also tailor-made for me, so I got information and assistance specifically for me.
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Registering with Dr Addy I must say is the best decision I ever made this after rededicating my life to God. Dr Addy is easy to work with, despite her busy schedule, she creates time for everyone. I was confused about my direction and where I needed to be but when I spoke with Dr Addy, she ignited the fire and redirected me. I have been getting rejection job offers before meeting her but after only 1 session and 15mins of interview coaching, I got the next Job offer. God bless you and your team Dr.
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Hello Dr.Addy I wanted to let you know that the session we had was so informative and educative . I Learnt so much in the acquired time ,I got to know my choices and the options I had to pursue in my career .I can’t say enough of everything I learnt today .It’s one of the best decisions I made this month. I’m looking forward to having you as my mentor and future sessions together . Have a lovely Day .
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My first interaction with Dr. Addy, I had only was to talk about my relocation and career mapping. She listened attentively to me and helped to refine my goals. she also recommended the best way to track it. She answered all my questions in a relatable way and shared her life experiences with me. She was very open and approachable. She gave me practical advice. She made me rediscover my self and my abilities. She showed me a bigger picture concerning my career and we infused tech to it.(Industry 4.0) not minding I was a B.A graduate. We talked about graduate schools and courses, ways to reach out to professors. We carefully mapped out a short term goal plan and adhered to it. Indeed, My life has taken a shape.
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energy to do more and worked on the ideas we talked on. She provided practical,attainable goals that have helped me become more confident. Above all she was always accessible and tracked my progress. She's a great woman. We all need a Dr. Addy in our life.
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I met Dr Adeola 2019. I registered for the mentorship programe as I was confused on how to move from Canada to United States. I had various ideas all over the place but I needed someone to help me put clarity and teach me right directions on how to go about it. She listened to me carefully which was very important to me . She taught me how to restructure my resume, how to apply for the jobs and most importantly salary and benefits negotiation. I was honestly blown away by her optimism whilst also helping me turn my ideas into reality I got the job offers. Another answered prayer is my 10year old child starting a mentorship relationship with her.
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I have been fortunate to have Dr. Addy as my mentor from July 2017 during my NYSC program to date. I was initially frustrated about the outcome of my application to study MSc Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Saskatchewan. After the program, I became more confident and knowledgeable on what it takes to put in a successful scholarship application, as Dr. Addy instilled the right words of greatness that built my confidence, helped me packaged a winning CV and statement of intent tailored for international universities. As a result of this mentorship program, I secured 2 fully-funded MSc scholarships in both the UK and Canada in 2018. Also, after my MSc program in 2019, I secured a Graduate Research Assistantship that covers my Ph.D. tuition, health insurance, and a monthly stipend in the U.S. Currently, my career path is clear, and equipped with relevant skills and information to succeed professionally as I have done academically.
Based on the documents and credentials you submit to our relocation specialists, we can identify which permits/visas will be required and expected duration of immigration process.

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