Reflecting On Your Personal Journey During The Pandemic

As we get on with our new way of life and work (social distancing), it is important to reflect on the following:

1) How is the company you work for treating you during the pandemic? Have you been laid off? Are you being paid despite the shutdown? Are you working from home and have a lot of resources and care? Are you being threatened with a possible job loss? Think about how you have been treated. Let this help you determine whether you are in the right place of work, and whether you are at the bottom and will be the first to be laid off (if there is a need for it). Use this information to determine if your stay with this company is long term or if you should START LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB WHEN THE VOLATILITY IN THE SYSTEM STOPS.

2) Think about YOUR INCOME. Are you able to afford supplies for at least 3 months? Can you pay rent / mortgage for the next 3 months? Are you living from paycheck to paycheck and have no emergency savings? If this is your situation, you need to evaluate your credentials now and determine how you can widen your income after COVID-19. It’s really time to start pondering on what is next for you.

3) How has your country responded to COVID-19? Do you have confidence in how your country is handling this issue? Do you feel protected? Or cared for? Are there stimulus packages that make it easy on you as a citizen? Do you feel that your country will take care of you no matter what? Or you feel otherwise? If you feel otherwise, this may be a good time to start planning your RELOCATION!

4) Let’s talk about starting your ENTREPRENEURIAL  JOURNEY. Many of our entrepreneur friends are hit by Covid-19. Before you feel strong about quitting your job and becoming a full time entrepreneur, please think about saving up at least 1 year income. Having a side hustle could also help right now if you lose income or lose your job due to the pandemic. Even if you are not ready to go full time and manage a business, I think it’s important to have a side-hustle these days.

5) Let’s talk about EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE  for a second! Ha, most people don’t have this! How would you cope if you lose your job? If you can, please book a consultation to discuss insurance packages and evaluate whether you can add this in. Government unemployment insurance may not be enough to cover your monthly expenses, so get a supplementary insurance please!

6) Lastly, I want to take a moment to thank the scientists who have been working in the lab developing new and faster test methods for evaluation of Covid-19. Those working on cure and our health workers who have been at the frontlines of this pandemic. I also want to thank the data analysts (analyzing the data) and news anchors sharing the state of the pandemic with us on an hourly basis. Thank you to 3D-printing engineers, designers, and biomedical engineers all working together to make sure that we have PPEs for healthcare workers.

Let’s use this time to strategize and place our priorities right! Let’s come out of the Covid-19 with plans to make this year a better year. It’s time to reposition your career and redirect your resources to what matters the most!

If you need someone to talk to about how to redefine your career for better income, slide in my DM for consultations!

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