How to Transition Smoothly from One Career to Another

Here are four main steps to help you as you plan to transition career:

  1. Identify the market value of your current career (degree and work experience combined, what am I worth?). It is critical to define your starting point to make proper plans, and it helps you determine whether you really must change a career. It is crucial that the market value of the career you are transitioning to is equal to at least your current career for you to maintain the same lifestyle.
  2. The world is now digital, and Artificial-Intelligent-driven gadgets will replace many jobs. Therefore, make sure that you examine the prospect of the new career path to make sure it will offer you a potential win in the jobs of the future space.
  3. Gather the requirements (Skills, Abilities, Certifications, Diplomas, Degrees) and pursue the requirements. Successful career transitions rarely happen without acquiring new skills or education. After gathering the requirements, create a schedule and a budget that will capture the full requirement and start saving up.
  4. Embrace the learning process and look at this time as an investment in your future. Rarely will there be time to acquire these new skills. Make time by temporarily taking some of your “free time” and devoting it to your self-development. This is an extremely important step for people who often spend much of their “free time” on social media or taking care of others. When you are ready, I will advise that you remove social media apps from your phones and clearly explain to your loved ones that this is a temporary and essential step to improving your collective future.

Are you prepared for a Career Transition?

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  1. Good reads. Please I need help navigating this journey into graduate school and of course a digital career in Engineering

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