End-to-End Admission Application and Support Program

End-to-End Admission Application and Support Program

Make your dream of securing admission to any undergraduate or postgraduate program in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia a reality by enrolling for our we-do-it-for-you program. With us, there is no doubting the profitability of your selected program or fear of studying courses that won’t open doors for obtaining your immigration papers for you. the country you. Equipped with experienced admission consultants and mentors, we will offer you the following end-to-end service including:

  • Selection of programs that will lead to high-paying careers based on your previous education, experience and interest. 
  • Selection of countries where you will have a high standard of living and have pathways to permanent residency.
  • Give you access, review and edit your application package templates(CV, Personal Statement, Reference Letters, Application Waiver Request,  Portfolio, and other documents needed)
  • Help you review and process your admission application to multiple selected schools 
  • Upon security admission, support your visa application to tie the knot and complete the process through our partners
  • Selection of schools within your budget and with high recognition, opportunity to obtain post-study work permit, and in some cases internships
  • Offer support during your relocation, settling in to your new country, going through your program and post-graduation job search through our career community and mentorship programs.

This program is for you

If you wish to self-sponsor and do not require scholarships or funding. The program of interest may be

  • Undergraduate program
  • Postgraduate program (Masters, Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate Program)
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Price and Payment Options

Covers Four Sessions

Cost: $500

Fee is 500 USD covering admission processing and application fees to be paid to 2-3 schools

USD Payments

Naira Payments

Why Graduate School?

Graduate education provides students with more advanced learning in a specialized discipline or sub-discipline.Graduate school gives an in-depth understanding such that the student becomes something of an expert in the topic of study. Gaining a qualification which is recognized by employers around the world is incredibly important to many prospective graduate students.This is particularly the case for international students and students wishing to work abroad.

Why Choose D-Tech Centrix?
Human-centric learning

Our mentorship model ensures that you get all the support you need. You’ll have both a mentor—a Graduate school application Help expert who gives detailed assistance and feedback on your successful  application pieces.

Flexibility with accountability

Get your Graduate school application done at a flexible pace within the 1-month program duration. Your mentor, coach or career specialist will help you stay on track and be accountable.

Successful, satisfied graduates school applicants

With 96% of our eligible alumni getting graduate school admissions most with full fundings within 31 days of application help into top unviversities in the United States and Canada—you can be confident that taking the program will get you where you want to go:Studying a course in a University you love.

What people are saying?

Dr. Addy and her team guided me through my graduate school admission process. And I am pleased to say, I got in! She gives practical insights to suit an individual's specific need(s). It's a process. You have to put in the work. It may get overwhelming along the way, but Dr. Addy and her team will help you through it in a very professional and kind manner. I am currently continuing my journey with Dr. Addy in terms of a job search and I wish to continue working with Dr. Addy through grad school, better job searches after graduation, salary negotiations, promotions, and retirement.
Dr. Addy opened my eyes to different tech-related graduate programs in my field that would always be in high demand in the career industry. She is also a very sweet and kind-hearted person who is after the success of her mentees. I am very happy I took the session with her before pursuing my graduate studies and I hope to have more sessions with her in the future.
Aasa Olufunmilayo

Schools our candidates have gotten into