How to Transition Smoothly from One Career to Another

Here are four main steps to help you as you plan to transition career: Identify the market value of your current career (degree and work experience combined, what am I worth?). It is critical to define your starting point to make proper plans, and it helps you determine whether you really must change a career. […]

How To Discover Your Market Worth To Help You Negotiate Your Pay

1) Knowing your “bottom line”: Before starting your negotiation, take a close look at your finances and calculate your monthly expenses or a rough estimate of the monthly expenses at the job location. Then, determine the lowest possible salary you can earn and still be able to support yourself and your immediate family. Then, in […]

Reasons Why Millennials are Job Hopping

Thanks to digitization, life long employment with one company or one industry has become a thing of the past. By analyzing 7,000,000 work histories in the Canadian resumes in the Workopolis database, it was estimated that working aged Canadians will likely work roughly 15 jobs throughout their careers. And the younger you are, the more […]

The Hope and Struggles Of Most Nigerian Professionals

In 2006, I interned at an Oil & Gas Engineering Servicing company in Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria. The workplace provided me with my first work interaction with expatriates (mostly Caucasians but there were some African Americans, Mexicans and Indians). After 6 months of internship, I noticed quickly how every expatriate had a brand new car, […]

Tips To Help You Map Out A Career Path From Your Degrees

Many recent graduates with exceptional grades may still struggle to obtain entry level jobs because of lack of portfolios full of the right skill sets and lack marketable abilities. Recently, I started my mentorship program and 90% of the participants have clear concerns about how to map out a successful career from their degrees. In […]

How To Initiate Small Talks For Networking Purposes

Am I the only one who uses weather as a go to small talk topic every time? I guess you are also guilty. Let’s face it, black people are not wired to engage in small talks and we often struggle with this. Most people I know don’t even bother about small talk as they have […]

How To Make Use Of Your Weak Ties

Have you ever found yourself making a list of close friends and associates who can help you with finding a job? Has it yielded the desired results? It’s time to stop and start looking at your weak ties. Why?  Because, your weak ties are a lot more likely to move the ball forward than your […]

How I Made My Way To Finland With 700 Euros And No Accommodation

I secured admission into Savonia Polytechnic, Kuopio Finland for a second Bachelor of Science, and this time in Information Technology with a major in Embedded Systems. This was a tuition-free program (not scholarship) and what this meant was that I was supposed  to be responsible for my accommodation, feeding and general up-keep for the duration […]

How To Maximize Every Stage Of Your Journey

How To Maximize Every Stage Of Your Journey After arriving in Canada for my Ph.D., I quickly realized that things weren’t as cheap as they were in Finland and that the program wasn’t tuition-free. I had to pay tuition, rent, and upkeep from the monthly stipend that I was receiving from my supervisor. So, I […]

The Best Remote Jobs Websites to Find a Great Remote Job

If you’re on the hunt for a role that allows you to work from the comfort of your homes, then I suggest that you bookmark this list and start hunting. Even better, pass it on to someone you know. Whether you’re searching for the best remote jobs in order to unlock a more flexible schedule […]